Culinary Blog #7: Hugging a Farmer

For this post, I was required to meet a farmer essentially. I had the opportunity to meet a person from our program whose family owns and operates a farm. The Wolf family have owned a farm for more than a decade. They are small all organic farm. Their original intention was to purchase a farm for something to do on the side, like a ‘hobby farm’. What started out as a couple pets eventually grew into a larger farm with a couple of chicken coops. They eventually had to stop raising chickens as it was creating a coyote problem After they were done with chickens they moved to cows. Raising them to slaughter then selling them to the public. They have also grown corn and soybeans. They work countless hours to keep the farm running on a smooth sailing ship.

I’ve always wanted to run my own farm but after seeing the amount of work that goes into running a farm I have learned to appreciate where my food comes from a little more after talking with these lovely people and I’d rather cook the food opposed to raising/ harvesting it.



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