For this blog I went to a butcher shop called The Meat Department” it is located at 121 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto. The place was a little pricey but the quality of the meat was amazing  I decided to purchase a whole chicken and a couple of sausages. In total i spent 20.20, $14 was for the whole chicken and 6.20 for the sausages.


With a whole chicken you can do a lot. You can butcher it and get individual pieces to cook. You can take it off the bone and make a chicken stock or chicken soup you can take the breast and stuff it to make supreme. You can grill it and put it in a salad or cut it thin and make sandwiches or you can cook it whole. My favorite thing to use chicken for it to create a Hungarian dish called chicken poppy cosh to create this dish you first brown chicken in a pot with butter then you remove chicken and saute onions then add pepper and Hungarian paprika then place chicken back on onions and put chicken broth and slow cook for an hour.

Browning chicken

Sautee Onions

Then you serve with spaetzel( dumpling) its a mixture of savory, umami, little sweetness from the onions, there is also a bit of sourness and creaminess from sour cream. By far my favorite thing to do with chicken!


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