Growing up my family didn’t really have a soup of choice, my dad would make a homemade chicken noodle soup with some small meatballs in it (mainly because we are Italian everything mush have meatballs, not literally but). My grandma would make a soup of the same sort as well but that was eaten on days we would not have pasta like Christmas or thanksgiving. I didn’t really want to do a soup like that so I decided to make a french onion soup. I made this choice because I enjoy french onion soup.

Here is the recipe for the french onion soup I received from BBC Canada, I did everything from this recipe except for the bread I wanted to focus more on the soup than placing some toasted bread on top. I also could not find the type of cheese that was used so I used swiss cheese instead

French onion soup


  • 50g butter
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 1kg onion halved and thinly sliced
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 4 garlic clove, thinly sliced
  • 2 tbsp plain flour
  • 250ml dry white wine
  • 1.3l hot strongly-flavoured beef stock
  • 4-8 slices French bread (depending on size)
  • 140g Gruyère, finely grated


  1. First I cut up all the onions. I Melted the butter with the oil in a large pan. Add the onions and fryed them with the lid on for 10 mins until somewhat soft.  I Sprinkled with the sugar and cook for 20 mins more, stirred frequently until caramelized. The onions were really golden, full of flavor and soft when I pinched them between my fingers. I watched extra closely for the last 2 minutes so I didn’t burn the onions

2. I Added the garlic for the final few mins of the onions’ cooking time,  I then sprinkle in the flour and stirred well. I turned the heat and keep stirring while gradually adding the wine, followed by the hot stock. I then Covered it and simmered it for 15-20 mins. I adjusted the flavors and let it cool.

3. I then turned the heat down and let it cook for about 3 to 4 hours so that all the flavors were enhanced from the cooking time.

4. To serve it I placed it into a bowl and decided not to add cheese on top because when I tried it with the cheese I found it was too salty and added too much to the soup.

There wasn’t much involving challenged to this soup other than cutting the onions and garlic and making sure the onions did not burn. I believe this soup was very successful as it was well seasoned and tasted delicious. If I were to make this soup again I would create my oven beef broth instead of using a store-bought one as I did not have enough time to create my own. had I created my own I believe that my soup would have been even better. I also would not add any cheese to this add I believe it tasted better without. I would prefer just the soup.

From creating this soup I have brought with me the idea that even just the simplest products if used correctly can create amazing things.

I had 2 of my roommates try it and they said it was very good it smelt amazing and the onions dissolve in their mouth and gave a sweet and buttery taste.

Sensory Evaluation

The soup appeals to taste buds because it is salty, slightly sweet, it is slightly meaty and brothy, although it’s not really bitter.

The soup is brown, it’s a soupy texture and its got slices of onion, size is pretty similar to each other. it tastes a slight bit of salt, the onion slightly disintegrates in your mouth when you eat it. Smells like onions that have been boiling in beef broth for 3 hours.








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