I went looking around for something I’ve never tried before I thought about different meats or different vegetables but I’ve tried all of the different types they had at the stores. I went around the fruits and vegetable aisles until I finally found something I’ve never had before. I found golden berries. This fruit comes from the warmer countries and is apparently a new super food. They look like an orange-ish yellow cherry tomato. The fruit itself is very sticky. The berry almost smells like a lemon or a wildberry. Biting into the goldenberries feels almost the same as biting into a strawberry or a blueberry. it tastes almost like a cherry with a bit more of a citrusy taste.

The berry itself is slightly bitter and slightly sweet. it’s not very savoury. It’s sour but not salty.

Reflecting on this experience,  I am not too fond of this berry after eating 5 or 6 I started to get a headache. The smell itself is also overwhelming when you open up the package that’s all you can smell it was kind of pleasant at first but after a while, it’s not as pleasant. I most likely will not eat this fruit again. the taste is not as appealing as i was hoping for. I learned that there are certain tastes my palate can only enjoy for so long before it doesn’t find it appealing.


Photo credit goes to the Toronto Star:



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